Thursday, April 19, 2012

Videos of Vietnam

From the incredible traffic to the fun-loving people, Vietnam is a country that demands to be seen on video.  Click the link to watch some of my favorite videos from our visit to Vietnam.

The cities of Vietnam have some of world's busiest roads, filled night and day with motorbikes.  Above is a video taken in Hue, showing the crush of motorbikes on a typical city street--and sidewalk.  The traffic was worse in Saigon and Hanoi, but in those cities, I was too busy dodging motorbikes to fumble with the camera!

Above is a video of a family crossing a street in Hanoi.  Everywhere we went in Vietnam, we had to cross streets in a similar fashion.

It's not just the roads which are crazy in Vietnam.  Above is a video taken of a crazy house in Dalat, Vietnam.

Given the hectic scene on most city streets of Vietnam, it's no wonder people seek out temples for meditation.  Above is a video of the peaceful inside of a Buddhist temple.

Above is a video of monks chanting in a Buddhist temple.

Above is a video of a seafood market in Hanoi.  Some of these critters look like they could eat me rather than vice versa.

Above is a typical market in Vietnam.  

Vietnam has some stunning natural beauty.  Above is a video of the mist-shrouded karst formations in Halong Bay.

Above is a video where Shane explains how many times he has been to a cave Halong Bay versus New York City.

We had a wonderful time boating through the many caves in Trang An.  We visited during a Vietnamese national holiday, and we were surrounded by enthusiastic Vietnamese folks of all ages. Of the hundreds of people we saw that day, we were the only people who did not look Vietnamese, and we attracted a lot of attention.

Speaking of attracting attention, above is a video of a young boy who was having fun teasing Beth on a train.

Above is another video of Beth and this energetic kid, whose mother slept most of the 12-hour train ride.

We came across a group of school kids engaging in a tug-of-war in a park near Dalat, Vietnam.  Above is a video of one round of the tug-of-war, which Shane anchoring one side and Nick anchoring the other.

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