Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Food of the Philippines

I love food.  And I've taken a photo of every meal I've eaten in the Philippines.  Click the link to see photos of my favorites.

According to Lonely Planet, the food of the Philippines is the most maligned in all of Southeast Asia.  While I agree that better meals could be found in Thailand and Vietnam, I enjoyed some delicious meals in the Philippines.  Above, we prepare to eat a home-cooked meal at the Aguluz Guesthouse in Donsol.

The dish on the bottom right is chicken adobo, a popular Filipino dish.

Here is another meal served at Aguluz.  Again, tasty adobo dishes are on the menu. 

Many restaurants have pots with different dishes on display, in a quasi-cafeteria style.

Fried chicken is very popular, always served with a side of rice and gravy.  Outside of the Kenny Rogers Roasters at the Manila airport, I never saw chicken being served with a biscuit or mashed potatoes.
I ate this dish the most during my time in the Philippines--delicious rice noodles with vegetables and seafood.
This is a delicious dish from the Bicol region called pinangat--taro leaves wrapped around pieces of fish and served in pasta with a spicy red sauce.

The above two dishes were from our two trips to a delicious Italian-Filipino restaurant in Puerto Princesa.  Not exactly local food, but there's a reason Italian food is loved around the world.
We enjoyed a lot of fresh seafood.  Sometimes with the eyes still, more or less, attached.

The fish was very tasty, but a good view doesn't hurt.
My favorite meal was my birthday dinner at a nice French restaurant in El Nido, Palawan.  The food was delicious, but the best part was the delightful company of my great friends!

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