Thursday, February 2, 2012

And away we go!

Our first day of travel consisted of three flights (including a 13-hour flight), a lot of Hello Kitty, a skipped day on the calendar, and no sleep. Click the link to see some photos from the beginning of the trip.

Day one began with packing.

Here is everything I'm bringing for our ten month journey.

And here is how it all packs into two carry-on sized bags.

Flight number one: Portland to Seattle. Shane has a condition, which might be called "Nixon-itis"--he is incapable of walking up or down the stairs of an aircraft without raising his fingers a la Nixon.

Flight number two: Seattle to Taipei. For some, this 13-hour flight was an opportunity to sleep; for others, it was an opportunity to gorge on a wide array of inflight entertainment; and for me, it was an opportunity to count the number of beers my Vietnamese neighbor could drink before passing out. The number was eight.

Lay-over in Taipei. After a long flight where we crossed the international date line, meaning we essentially skipped a full day, we got a little silly from the 30-hour stretch of travel.

There was a 16-hour time difference between Pacific Standard Time in Portland and the time in Taipei. Apparently, Hello Kitty is the same everywhere.

If this photo was to be given a title, it would be: "Taken as a direct result of sleep deprivation."

The culinary portion of the trip got off to an excellent start with shrimp wonton soup.

Flight number three: Taipei to Manila. We're now over 30 hours into our first travel "day", and spirits are still high.

Next up: The Philippines!

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